Concert Review: Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour

A couple of weeks ago now, we went to the Brad Paisley concert here in town.  A couple of thoughts, since I know Nic has been dying to know. 

  • Taylor Swift – was okay.  I’m not sure she was on the bill for her music – although it wasn’t bad.  She was fairly obsessed with her own hair.  I was obsessed with her guitars – they were stunning. (Taylor by the way)  I’ll let you ask Arlen yourself what he was obsessed with.  Although she is obviously a gifted musician, you could tell (especially when she talked) that she hadn’t seen much of life.  I guess that makes sense since she was only 17.
  • Rodney Atkins – was very good.  I knew a few of his songs from the radio but nothing else about him.  He was a great performer and came across as a genuine guy who was thankful for where he was at.  Seemed very mature after Mizzz Swift.
  • Brad Paisley – was also impressive.  He just comes across as professional.  Lots of lights and glitz, but his talent was especially impressive.  He can really play.  Also has a good sense of humour and doesn’t take himself too seriously, that was nice.

All in all, I’d highly recommend Brad Paisley and or Rodney Atkins.  Oh ya – take your  earplugs, it’ll be loud.


4 Responses to Concert Review: Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour

  1. Nic says:

    i really was wondering how that went.
    i heard lots about the hot young blonde.
    at work i have lots of time to think. the other day i was thinking about brad paisley, and why he makes so much money. one day i had his internet song stuck in my head for like eight hours. i wasn’t impressed.
    i dont even know what to say.
    wish i was there…?

  2. strakers says:

    I’m sure Taylors are great for female pop country artists if you’re into that kind of thing….

  3. Richard Summers says:

    Rodney Atkins was the highlight of the night, The future of country music.

  4. Ryan A says:

    Brad Paisley always delivers a great performance. I’m happy to hear you like Taylor Guitars. Send me a message when you get a chance.

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