Weekend Post

Seems like posting only happens once a week these days…

This week has been normal – normal is good so this has been a good week.

Elijah had his first haircut yesterday. Not many hairs taken off, but he doesn’t look quite so shaggy.

Michael is moving everywhere, sleeping some better, and still eating lots.

We got a new tub upstairs from Bathfitter last week. It’s much nicer.

This weekend’s list includes ripping out the main bath vanity and patching the “laundry chute” hole so that new lino can be put in next week. Dirk is going to help with the patching etc. so I won’t actually be doing much work… nice to have talented friends. Also on the list is more lawn care, which needs to be done soon cause it might snow. It does snow down here right?

Next week it looks like Elijah is going to visit Grandma McMillan’s house for a few days and Tara and Michael will be journeying to YK to work a couple of shifts and visit a few people. It will be nice for Tara to get back for a visit.


One Response to Weekend Post

  1. Jessie says:

    i sure hope it doesn’t snow this week because of that comment!
    you’ll be in trouble.

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