Random Thoughts

  • Java this week is better (so far), something must be wrong!
  • We got our first experience with big city crime a few nights ago, as someone went through the truck and stole the money from the ashtray.  Fortunately they were a kind crook and didn’t damage anything, perhaps because we were kind victims and left the door open for them. 
  • The car and truck made it into the garage for the first time last night. 
  • Michael is crawling forward quite quickly and following us around the house.  He’s still not sleeping all that great so there is lots of crying in our house at night, hopefully that changes soon. 
  • NHL hockey season starts soon, this is exciting to tim.
  • Tara’s Dad came a couple of weekends ago and put on the baseboards throughout the house, except for the kitchen where we still need to take out a wall and put down laminate.  The baseboards look great, thanks to a great colour choice by Cindy & Tara and some nice installation work.
  • last weekend I rented a rototiller to clean up the garden, hadn’t used one of them for about 15 years.  It was kind of fun, and the garden looks much better with the weeds tilled under.
  • this past week we went to Lakeview Church’s Saturday night service, then had Darren & Laurel, and Jeremy over for brunch Sunday.  Night church (at 6pm) makes a lot of sense for our kids schedules, and it was nice to have a relaxing Sunday morning and connect with friends.  I’m not sure if we’ll settle in at Lakeview, but I like the schedule.
  • Talked to our good friends Gene & Barb from YK last night, wishing Gene a Happy Birthday.  It was good to hear their voice, and made me miss the comforts of Yellowknife.

3 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. Carolyn says:

    Tim & Tara,

    Could you email me your new address and phone? Tara, I might give you a call in these upcoming weeks – just to check in!

    Have a good one,

  2. Carolyn says:

    Another note for Tara – to encourage you to make your annual post – I have tagged you – some blogging game that wants you to post 8 random things about yourself. See my blog for details. Thought you needed some encouragement!

  3. Nic says:

    i could knock out your wall for you. i do that professionally now.
    i’m so handy.

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