The List

  • new carpet
  • new paint upstairs
  • new baseboards
  • new outlets/light switches
  • new bathtub
  • new vanities in bathroom
  • fix furnace
  • fix water/plumbing issues
  • fix eaves troughs
  • weed garden
  • weed lawn (almost as bad as the garden!)
  • mow lawn
  • fix doors (thanks Dad)
  • fix fence (thanks Dad and Dad-in-law)
  • unpack (75% done?)
  • parent 2 year old curious George
  • teach 7 month old how to sleep
  • go to school
  • remember Anniversary
  • organize garage
  • switch over paperwork of every kind imaginable from NWT
  • etc.

Sometimes the list seems longer than the day allows doesn’t it?  When can I convince my father or father-in-law to come visit again?  They might never come back after their last work marathons.

Of course, this is just my list – Tara has her own of course, and as any husband knows – that list always must trump mine!


One Response to The List

  1. strakers says:

    Good luck with the garage. After a month I finally tackled mine on Saturday. Also found 5 boxes that we haven’t unpacked yet in the whole mess.

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