Yk Lasts

  • last night at our first house
  • last weekend at the cabin
  • last lunch with…
  • last gravel “rock garden” yard
  • last church service
  • last music team lead
  • last Vietnamese Noodle House
  • last six chaotic feet of the moving trailer
  • last supper at 6 Tees Court – of how many thousand suppers they’ve fed us??
  • last 24 hours of work
  • last Quizno’s for a while – overdose.
  • last drive through school zones on every major road and street
  • last goodbye?  wait, here’s one more…
  • last drive down HWY 3

We are going to miss YK like crazy, but after weeks of “lasts” I think we’re ready for some “firsts”.

Of course, like many who have gone before us, we might not be able to stay away so Yellowknife might see us again you never know…


5 Responses to Yk Lasts

  1. strakers says:

    Is Tara gone? I didn’t get to say goodbye!! I guess this means we’ll have to visit soon. 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    That’s a great idea! Sorry she didn’t get to see you before she left.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Happy travels and settling in to a new place. Praying for you guys! Glad to have you be in a vicinty that we can see each other whenever the next time might be we get to come home to Sasktachewan!

  4. Leah&Craig says:

    hey guys. thinking of you lots as you leave your ‘home’ to start life in a new place. lots of people are going to miss you and lots are excited to welcome you. looking forward to hearing about it all. hope mom and boys are doing great too.

  5. Ian MacLeod says:

    Welcome to Saskatoon; we will be glad to have you and glad to get you involved in things like our worship ministry or other areas of service.

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