Days filled with hate: random rant and thoughts on politics and such like

I’ve been thinking lately about politics a bit. I like to follow the politics of my country a bit, not to closely but I peruse a few political blogs like The Calgary Grit and Warren Kinsella. Both are “Liberals”, which I don’t think I’d call myself, but I enjoy reading their takes on where our countries politics are at.
This brings me to the idea of what I call myself. Wikipedia defines Partisan this way: “In politics, a partisan is a person who supports a cause, party, or goal fervently, usually to the exclusion of all others.” I have friends who sometimes act like Partisans I suppose, sometimes I do as well. The part that I get frustrated with is the big fat and wide brush that we sometimes paint with when talking politics. People I know do it with the Conservative party or Mr. Harper, whether it’s about war or how he deals with Mr. Bush or AIDS conventions or killing all the homesexuals or tax credits or whatever, while other people do the same with the Stinkin NDP or Liberals who want to register our guns and take over our homes, make us all poor destroying our businesses while they save the environment and force us all to be gay. Sorry I’m getting carried away there folks. Some of my friends used to go off on the RCMP and how they are trying to abuse their power and steal away our rights… since I started working there they must do that behind my back… (I like …. dots almost as much as Dave likes () bracket/parantheses)

The point is I look at the whole thing and see important and valuable things in each one. From my very shallow and uneducated view – I see parts of each political and each politician that I can appreciate. I lean certain directions of course, but I can still see good in the others. (I’m talking Mainstream politics here – which could be debated I know, but you get the point.) I just can’t blindly support one section of the thing and cast hatred at the other. I think if I grew up in a different spot I might have completely different thoughts on these topics. I would like some grace in the middle of my everchanging opinions… I’m sure others would like it too. I even try (and sometimes succeed) to be grace-full (although this post might seem to say otherwise) to my friends on both sides of the political spectrum, whether they are gracious to the opposite side or not. Am I out to lunch? perhaps.

Speaking of intolerance – there is lots of that to go around these days. Warren Kinsella has some interesting thoughts on the idea in his latest article for the National Post. On the Freakonomics Blog they posted about the sad website where you can pay 5$ to send an anonymous hate note… thankfully it’s not that popular (yet) because George Bush has only received 7 and I have at least friends (some of those I mentioned earlier) who would say they don’t like him much. On a funnier note – the Freakonomics guys also highlight a story about a guy who is offering to be your best friend for 30 days and selling it on Ebay – that’s pretty funny, but a bit sad that he probably will have lots of people bidding (Blair after your horrible headache day yesterday – maybe you should put in a bid – or for the right price I’ll find someone for you). ok enough for now.


4 Responses to Days filled with hate: random rant and thoughts on politics and such like

  1. dave turner says:

    Oh come on, all I did was highlight the fact that the leader of the government chose NOT to attend this huge international event, so turning down the opportunity to show that AIDS matters to him. I didn’t even add it my own cutting remarks! I would have been just as bothered if it was Jack Layton, Nelson Mandela, or Jason Bandura who was our PM if they declined to attend. Does that really count as partisan?? (Granted, I wouldn’t be quite as bothered about the fact that they were the PM in the first place as I am with Steve–and that makes me somewhat more guilty–but that’s not the point!) Sorry, just had to throw in some brackets… dot dot dot…

    Though I may not entirely like the idea, when I think about it, I think a healthy church these days, at least in Canada, should have a sprinkling of people with leanings toward each of the 4 parties (that’s right, you heard me, I included Green). Don’t quote me on that, because I’m not entirely sure that I agree with myself on that… really, last election, I voted for a party because and wanted others to do the same… (although, I, unlike this Roberts character, didn’t have their sign on my lawn) I guess I’m just saying that though I wish some people would rethink some areas, I’m glad not everyone has the same priorities as me… because then, professional baseball would be done with.

    You might be able to keep up on post-length, but can you really hack it for comments this unnecessarily long?

  2. Tim says:

    Ok dave – I wasn’t completely pointing that post at you, it’s something I’ve thought about a lot – I’m sure you’ve experienced it in a way I never have being down south… but kind of, although I wasn’t really calling you partisan, I don’t know enough about that term to accuse anyone – and although I am not a blanket supporter of the AIDS conference, I TOTALLY agree that Harper should have been there – even when he chose to come visit me in Yellowknife instead. I agree about diversity equalling health, especially when it comes to the church. And as for lawn signs I just want to say I “borrowed” an NDP one for Jer… and it’s likely still hanging in the YK Conservative stronghold (ashby’s residence)…

  3. blair says:

    hey guys,
    while people would tend to think of me as liberal, i agree with you Tim, that we can’t give our full allegiance to one political party. i don’t want to be labelled a liberal. for a while i was, and i would have been proud of that, but i’m seeing things in a different light these days. the second we give blind allegiance to a political party, we lose our credibility with members on opposite ends of the spectrum. people who do this, and i used to be one of them, will defend even the most reprehensible behavior if it means support of their political party, and when that happens, why should anyone listen to them? take a look at the sponsorship scandal. why couldn’t liberals just say, man, we really screwed this up! we are sorry! or what if george bush and republicans admitted to some of their wrong doings in the past, which i won’t even begin to get into here. what if they would have just said, man we are sorry we messed up! i hope it doesn’t sound like i’m brushing with the same broad strokes tim talked about, because i know there are many republicans and liberals and democrats and conservatives who will admit when they have been wrong.

    i think somewhere in there, i got off point, and now i can’t remember the original point i was going to make…so oh well.

    p.s.-vote green party

  4. dave turner says:

    blair is just trying to build up support from across the spectrum before his own campaign for office… under the big green banner…

    wait, make that a tiny green banner, its all they could afford.

    (Cheap shots at the green party?? come on dave, that’s lower than low.)

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