Car Co-op

Here’s an interesting idea that’s running in Vancouver – a car Cooperative. Of course it wouldn’t work for me, but all you big city people should do it. Just kidding. I doubt if these kind of things will really get big until people really need them.

The truth is we’ll consume more than we need until we can’t afford to. If global warming is real, which it likely is, probably high gas prices are the best defense – if they happened to triple I would probably start to think about taking the bus. If they went up another 3 times after that – suddenly Car Coop’s would be popping up all over and I’d be riding my bike.

Is there something beneficial to the idea of frugality or simplicity? Is there something bibical or godly about it? Some Mennonite Traditions I know for sure and some of my faith ancestors in the CofC, especially in Saskatchewan would say without a doubt yes. Of course many of the Church of Christ beginnings in SK were during the 30’s and onward, when things were a lot rougher than it is now.

I think there is something to be said for the discipline of simplicity, however the problem with it is… discipline, only crazy people like that word right?!


3 Responses to Car Co-op

  1. T says:

    Hey Tim we thought seriously about that (before we bought our second vehicle last month) The biggest advantage that I saw was that you could use the right vehicle for the right job. When the whole McMillan Clan flys into YVR you can use a big van. When they decide to help you move your bad sofa to the dump, you can use a truck. Or you can use the small car for getting groceries when they eat you out of house and home.

    I think the biggest reason we didn’t join was the initial startup fee and convenience. But other than that we though it was a great idea.

  2. dave says:

    re: frugality/simplicity

    I think maybe its comparable to celibacy. It’s not an essential non-negotiable piece of faith, but there isn’t room for its opposite.

    Ya think?

  3. Simplicity is not a fad nor something meaninful I did last Saturday. It is the way we are meant to live. Love. Laugh. Lollypop. Ran out of L’s. Should have made it less complicated. More. . .simple.

    In all seriousness, why is North America the capital of Mental Illness, Depression, Anxiety, Worry – not to mention soaked in fear? We have the most, do the most, spend the most, know the most(facts) and spin the most plates then anyone. Anywhere. Except for that guy in Sweden. But he’s blond and makes good chocolates.

    If Jesus were here – and not in heaven playing squash all day – I’m sure he’d say “What up. Live your life simply yo. Look at all the kids, they ain’t hooked up to no coffee IV’s just to make it through the day, they ain’t sweatin the small stuff, they ain’t fretting. They chillin. They got more questions then an ant on a cactus yet they just be laughin and smilin and playin all day. Relax yo. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Stop taking life so seriously. If you must be serious then take me serious but when it comes to life, work, family, thoughts, leisure – relax, chil – be a CHIL D.
    Forget it Jerubbabel, its my serve. Nice try though. Cheater.”

    J dog

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