Really Real Dreams

Last night I had one of those really real (now that’s good descriptive language eh?) dreams that one of my significant relatives had died. It feels weird to say who it was, so I’ll leave you in suspense. I guess it wasn’t a real dream or anything because I haven’t heard anything. It was the kind of dream where you almost wake up and call to see if it’s true.

I think it was because I read Randall Friesen’s blog yesterday and his father recently passed away. I was also thinking the other day about how little death I’ve seen in my life. I haven’t even seen very many animals die. One time my friend Jimmy Markel and I killed a gopher in a trap by hitting it with a hammer – that was quite the experience – but I haven’t ever had a pet die on me (Wyatt dying will be rough!), and very few of my close significant relatives or friends have passed away. It’s one of those things that has changed a bit for our society I guess – living the city life you can be a lot more insulated from the circle of life I think. Of course you can’t avoid meeting up with death and dying eventually – and it’s something that over the next few years that will naturally become a bigger part of my life.
I’ve always said I’m actually not afraid to die, especially dying as a martyr or sacrificing yourself in a moment for someone you love – I often think that would be easier than trying to live a life of love for years… it’s only one decision. Dying slowly, now that would be a different story. Maybe it’s easy to say you’re not afraid of dying when death hasn’t been a big part of your life.

Anyway – there’s some light fluffy encouragement for your week… the dream got me thinking – one thing death talk always does is make me think I should try and suck more out of life… we’ll try to do that this week here in YK – anyone want to join me?


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