Lost Puppy

We lost Wyatt today. Non-pet people I know you won’t understand, but that 70 lbs. of animal wandering off just completely ruined our day.
We had just let him out to sit on the deck for a bit, he didn’t have a collar on, but I was just about to take him for a run so no big deal – he’s only ever run off like this one other time, and we found him in about 5 minutes. When I went outside after a few minutes, he was gone – he likely just wandered to the back of our yard, found a scent and kept going. We knew that he couldn’t go long without people so he’d likely end up on someone’s step, but we also were running every bad scenario through our head. What if he had started the long journey back to his birthplace of Moose Jaw! If you’ve met Wyatt – can you see him fending for himself? We couldn’t either.

Anyway – 8 hours later, someone had found him and called our city by-law guy to pick him up. We had emailed and called everyone we knew, had called the radio station and pet shelter a whole bunch of times(bordering on harassment), and had been around the streets and bush paths around our house over and over along with friends (thanks Jesse, Storm & Joann and others)- we also had our co-workers looking for him as they were patrolling.

When I drove up to pick him up he was sitting in the back of the police car looking out from the bars completely oblivious to the stress he just caused his owners.

He’s a tired and dirty puppy and who knows where he went on his little adventure, but the mood around the McMillan house is much more positive tonight. Thanks to everyone who helped out or worried along with us!


One Response to Lost Puppy

  1. Ian says:

    I’m glad that you got your dog back. To lose an animal is something akin to losing a family member and to get him back must have been such a relief. We used to have several pets (dogs, cats, a goat) around but the only pets we have now are goldfish. Somehow, losing a goldfish doesn’t have the same impact!
    All the best in your work in YK, Tim and Tara
    Ian MacLeod

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