An Elder’s Place – More Family Talk

More from Po Bronson and Why do I love these people. I found this quote very interesting: page 295

“We need to appreciate how the radically changing world has forced families to adapt. People used to respect their elders, but it wasn’t just for their sage philosophy about life. Elders used to have very valuable practical know-how. They could tell you when to plant your crops and how to build a cabin and how to sew a sweater. You listened to them because you needed to. For the last 150 years, every generation has grown up in a newly minted world. My grandmother can’t fix the wireless card in my laptop. We’ve had to find new reason to hang on to our relationships, and largely, we have.”

I never thought about how things have changed for the “elders” of our day in this way.


One Response to An Elder’s Place – More Family Talk

  1. Angela says:

    I tried to comment here the other night, so here we go again! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you found me, ’cause now I’ve found you! I think I heard through the grapevine that you and Tara had gotten married. Excellent choice BTW. I’ve loved Tara from the moment I met her and her family is awesome! Say hi for me. Also your son is fabulous! Isn’t parenthood great?

    I thought this quote was good too. We have an 89 year old neighbor who was blown away by the speaker phone button on his new phone. We haven’t shown him a camera phone and he’s never been around a computer or the wonders of the net, but when we couldn’t get our mower running, he told Brian how to fix it (the neighbor has arthritis and weakness due to age and diabetes, so he couldn’t do it himself). Brian had no clue what to do, but between the two of them, one with know how and the other with youthful strength, they made it work! To me, that is true community 😉

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