In my ears

I don’t think I actually posted about it, but I was lucky enough to get an Ipod for my birthday. They are quite the machine – pretty well put together – almost makes me want to buy an Mac, but not quite convinced yet.
It took me about a week to go through all my Cd’s and get them organized – now I have 20 Gigs full and ten left, I think that’s a couple of thousand songs and almost 7000 pictures, pretty amazing litte machine (did I say that yet?).

I actually haven’t listend to much music, but I have enjoyed being able to download and listen to podcasts… basically just radio type recordings that anyone can do, that are almost always free.

I’ve subscribed to Jack Black’s video podcast (just once – but it was funny), a few from CBC like Ideas and as it happens, a few about the World Cup, Bare Naked Ladies, one that gives samples of books considered to be Christian Classics, one from Andrew Peterson and one on the NHL playoffs.

The best one so far though, I just found yesterday. It’s a podcast copy of a radio show – “Michael Card in Studio”. I went on and on about Michael Card on this blog back in January when I saw him at Breakforth – basically this show is him teaching a bit, preaching a bit, with some songs and talk with guests thrown in. The one I listened to today had Phil Keaggy and some other guitar player as the guest – the last four minutes is the three of them improvising – writing a song as they go – great stuff, incredible stuff if you have ever attempted to play an instrument… in itunes music store just search for Michael Card – if you have XM satellite radio I think you can also listen to it, more details at his website.


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