Back to work

Well we are done our first two days of being a 2 career 1 kid family – Tara is back to work. So far it’s been tiring and different but okay. We are lucky to have two really good people to look after Elijah in Kaleigh and Lindsay. They are also really flexible, which is what we need, since we only need about 12-15 hours every week or so, but it’s weird because of both being on shiftwork.
Elijah has taken it well – he seems to be okay with being around other people right now, so that has made it easier, so far.
It means a lot more time at work for Tara and a lot more time alone with Elijah for Tim – probably both of us would prefer it a bit different, but we know there is little to complain about. I actually feel very thankful for the time with him, it’s just that I can’t get anything else done! (all the mothers nod their heads knowingly eh?)
Next weekend will be a bit weird because I am heading south to Calgary then Regina and Tara is on nights – it will be harder with just one parent, but again, thankfully we have good friends to help out.


One Response to Back to work

  1. Craig & Leah says:

    Perhaps we will meet in the Queen City…we are driving and will be there monday, but craig flies out on saturday. I’m sticking around for a couple of weeks in Regina and a couple of weeks with Baba. Plan to come home July long weekend. It would be nice to see you…blad head and all. If you are around on Tuesday June 6th, please come to Len&Carol’s for Convocation desert. yummy!

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