Time to go

UPDATE: I was wrong in saying you could send a cheque to the church, there will be no tax receipts for donations to the Devanna family.

Well, I think it’s time – the hair needs to go. I’ve decided to join Doug in shaving my head this week, in an effort to raise some money to support the Devana family. Dave found out about 3 months ago that he had cancer in his mouth. Last week was surgery – he is doing okay but a significant % of his tongue had to be removed, and obviously there will be a long period of adjustment in a whole bunch of ways. 3 months and your life is completely different – amazing. I don’t know Dave & Jan and their two boys very well – they’ve been attending our church for a while now but our paths don’t cross very often. I hope we can make a tiny part of this experience a little bit easier by helping them out with a bit of money. I also will wear a bald head proudly in honour of a number of amazingly strong people in my family who have fought with cancer in recent years.

  • Aunt Heather: had breast cancer and is clear.
  • Tara’s Mom Irene had breast cancer last year, went through treatment including losing her hair, and is clear.
  • Aunt Laurie died just a few months ago from cancer, fought long and hard – her courage was and is inspiring.
  • Laurel, my sweet niece, fought cancer for a couple of years starting when she was 4 years old, took more medicine and had more needles than anyone deserves, let alone a child, lost her hair during treatment, and is now clear and healthy!

If you want to make a donation along with me to the Devana family you can write a cheque to the Yellowknife Church of Christ and they’ll take care of it – email me for info if you need it. A donation to the Ronald McDonald House, Childrens Wish Foundation (both which helped Laurel and her family out) or the Canadian Cancer Society would be really great also.

I’ll post some pictures after I chop it…


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