Sunday Night Reflections

I was perusing Randall Friesen’s blog where he was posting while trying to get his sermon done Saturday. I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore. Doug was saying a few weeks ago how working as “pastor” is kind of like being a student again – there’s always a deadline. I’m not sure what other occupations compare, mabye some of my business/manager type friends could relate, my sister the teacher definitely can.
I grew up watching my Dad prepare every week for the sermon and service Sunday, week after week, after year after year, after decade after decade – he is an organized type of guy – but still he was often at church Saturday night doing something, from practicing and prepping the sermon to cleaning the building… when I worked for the church most times it was Steve who was there late Saturday night, but often I joined him to get something ready – Sunday was a big production (in good and bad ways) and always Deadline day and often I dreaded it. When I did preach, since I’m not a super organized guy – often there was a lot of prep left to be done Saturday night (sometimes there was a fair bit left to prepare Sunday morning). Weekends are not free for the family of a pastor. This is not even taking into account the rest of the week, when there is always pressure of another project, class or committee – and relationships – which should be the most important thing, there is always work to be done there.

I can’t say I LOVE my present job – but I do love being able to leave it behind and just enjoy my wife, son and home when I walk out the work door, and that makes me very thankful for my present job.

This long weekend as you enjoy your three days off – be thankful for your pastor and church staff – who likely worked at least parts of two of those days, and he or she is already thinking of what to do next Sunday!


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