Jim Martin on Clutter

At Jim Martin’s blog he’s talking about clutter – in his personal life and church life, physical and not. The part I laughed at was when he was talking about how churches would collect physical clutter. When I worked at the church here I would take a truckload to the dump – a full one – every 6 months – I’m not kidding. I’m sure little junk goblins were sneaking into the church late at night and dumping old tupperware, dishes, furniture and other treasures – stuff that was not good enough for their house, but good enough for the church!?!?? I was constantly amazed at how things just kept showing up.

It did shed light on an interesting practice of bringing our “junk” to church – very unlike the story in the Old Testament where people brought their best money, gold, jewelry, talent etc. for use in the tabernacle and/or temple. Something to consider next time you are cleaning out your kitchen and think of donating that old deep fryer to the church….


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