Prayers for Little Rebecca

Calvin & Monika are a couple who attend the Alliance church here in town. About a year ago they had a little baby named Rebecca. Rebecca’s brain isn’t developing like it should, and the future is uncertain for her. I hesitate to post about this, because it’s the kind of situation that is hard to find the right words – or any words at all for. But I can’t remain completely silent. My heart breaks for this baby and her parents, yet Tara & I both have been stunned, blessed, and impressed (the few times we have contact with them) by the gracious way Calvin & Monika are walking this tough part of their journey. The grace must be coming from somewhere else…
Stuff like this shakes my faith – people like this (and God working through them) strengthen it.

This week Monika and Rebecca are in Edmonton getting a feeding tube in. They could use a few extra prayers over the next few days. I know Monika reads this blog once in a while… you can follow parts of their journey at her blog. Please put a few whisper’s in the Father’s ear for these kids of his.


One Response to Prayers for Little Rebecca

  1. Koala Bear says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We just got back to Yellowknife last night after being in Edmonton for 10 days. Rebecca is doing well and we are so happy to be back home. Thanks for your prayers.

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