A few good friends came over tonight for a surprise 30 years celebration… it included some great decorating (thanks to Lindsay and Kaleigh), some incredible cheesecake, (thanks to Tara & Cindy) and Doug with long hair (picture for you Kara).


3 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Kara says:

    30 years? you? NO WAY. Belated wishes to you then….
    HOLY COW on the Doug hair thing…wasn’t he an RCMP in his former life? Do you think he’ll shave the leftover RCMP uniform ‘stache? You guys are brave and crazy in your hair shaving endeavour. I understand the reason why, this is a very good reason…I’d be hard pressed to follow thru though. good luck.
    thanks for posting the pic.

  2. Koala Bear says:

    Elijah looks so cute with his party hat!

  3. Craig & Leah says:

    Happy Bday, Timotei! I sent an ecard somewhere out there in cyber-space, so i don’t know if you will ever get it.
    Hope it was a gooder!

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