Sunday Evening Gathering: The Lord’s Supper #1

Tomorrow night for our Sunday evening service we are going to have supper and celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. We’ll use some liturgy/prayers and readings that I found and we’ll also do some readings and discussions together at our separate tables as we eat. I thought I’d share the Welcome, Prayers & Benediction that we are going to share. I thought they were pretty powerful. Thanks to this website for the Liturgy help for this very un-liturgically-literate Jesus follower.

If you’re in our town, please feel free to come. It starts at 6:00. We have enough of the main meal, but everyone is bringing something, including some items that we’ll use to feed kids at schools throughout the city. We’ll also make some extra food and find somewhere to give it away afterwards. Bring some juice boxes or something to donate, or some cash if you don’t have time to hit Wal-mart. Everyone is welcome.

L  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, 
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
P  And also with you.
L  God is with his people.  He dwells in their midst. 
Listen and hear him speak.
P  Our hearts long for his word. 
   We wait upon the Lord so that we may renew our strength.
L  God is our help and our support. 
   His spirit moves among us to lead us in holiness 
   and in righteousness all our days.
P  With joyful hearts we sing God's praise. 
   With rejoicing we call upon Him. 
   The Lord is our hope and our salvation.


Gracious God as we prepare today to receive the body 
and the blood of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, help us to discern the mystery of this most Holy Sacrament. 
Unite us ever more deeply with Christ's suffering that we may 
also be united ever more deeply with him in his resurrection power. 
Draw us closer to him and to each other 
in the fullness of his grace and love....
Lord, hear our prayer....
Lord, your table is set for us so that we might remember your death 
until you come again and so that we might be nourished and comforted 
and grow in grace.  Grant that as we receive  your most precious body 
and blood that we might indeed be strengthened in our faith and that 
your people might be one as you and the Father and the Spirit are one...
Lord, hear our prayer....
Merciful and forgiving Lord, we pray today for those who struggle to 
forgive the sins of others, but who cannot.  Help them to know the 
fullness of how you have forgiven them and in that knowledge to be 
likewise forgiving.  Indeed, O Lord, we ourselves now offer up to you 
any of the pain and the resentment and the anger that we may have 
because of the actions of others towards us....
Lord hear our prayer....
We pray, O Lord, for those of us and of the larger community 
who suffer in body or in soul, those in need of the bread of earth 
as well those in need of the bread of heaven.  We remember before you ….
We thank you, O Lord, for taking our burdens upon yourself 
and for giving to us your yoke and your burden. 
Help us to walk with you and with one 
another in peace and in love, both now, and forevermore.   

Go in peace; love and care for one another in the name of Christ; 
and may the blessing of our crucified Redeemer be with you, 
may his resurrection power settle upon you and transform your days 
may his eternal love enlighten your souls and bring you at last to the 
fullness of his everlasting glory.

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