Cookie Sheets and worship in the living room

I recently bought a copy of Enter the Worship Circle: First Circle on Itunes. This is an album that Steve introduced me to years ago, but I never bought (other than for Gene & Barb’s wedding present last year when I found it at the above link) because it is not sold in stores – at least none I have ever been in.

It’s a great album, just two bands – Waterdeep & 100 Portraits sitting in their living room recording their worship time. They are incredibly talented, and use a variety of interesting instruments – including a cookie sheet if I remember correctly. The result is raw and original praise. Good stuff. They’ve done a few similar albums since this one that I have not listened to – you can purchase them on Itunes also. There is a cool website for the Enter The Worship Circle Series, with lots of free stuff including tab for all the songs I think – you music worship types might want to go check it out.


One Response to Cookie Sheets and worship in the living room

  1. Stacey says:

    Hey Tim,
    I love your blog. You’ve always got such interesting stuff for me to read 🙂 I can’t imagine using a cookie sheet to actually make music…I bake cookies on cookie sheets.

    I might just have to see what songs they do have chords for on their website though. Thanks!

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