Uncle Dave The Hobo

Tara and I received a letter from Dave Turner last week, telling us about the journey he is embarking on for the next year with the African Children’s Choir. He is looking for some cash to help him in his travels. He doesn’t know it yet, but we are going to help him out a bit, I think you should too. What he is asking for is actually not that much for a whole year of travels (I’ll let him decide whether to post the actual amount).

I think it’s going to be an amazing year for him, which would be a good enough reason for me to give him some money – but I also think he’s going to have a great impact on these kids, and I think it’s a really cool organization. All the sponsors are called “uncle” – what an honor.

I’ve seen the Choir perform twice – and was stunned both times. If they come to a town near you, it would definitely be worth your time – if I remember correctly they don’t charge at the door but take donations. They are touring parts of Alberta & BC over the summer I think.

If you didn’t get a letter and would like more information please email me and I’ll get you Dave’s contact info.


One Response to Uncle Dave The Hobo

  1. dave says:

    good to hear that my first experience with yellowknife postal services worked out ok.
    2 days until take off.
    thanks for the post.
    an example donation size was included in the letters i think, but its really up to people as to what they want to do that way. (you can read that to mean “as big as they want” or “as small as they want”). anything up to $10 is receipted for taxes, and every $10 helps. also, on that note, $10000 donations are likewise receipted, if anyone was wondering.

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