– I work 5 shifts this week – I am most definitely not a 60 hour/a week workaholic type person… I’m not looking forward to it… only 57.5 hours left.
– My insurance company now says it wants a safety done on my truck. Would have been a nice thing to know about a month ago. It is at the mechanic as I type… wish me luck.
– Last night we had our second second service… it was good. Francis did a great manolog or monologue. This week coming up we will try the idea of doing communion as a meal.
– This morning I’ve been perusing Time Magazine’s Top 100. Some interesting information about people, many who I’ve heard about and some that I haven’t. How about Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the king of Bhutan, here’s the quote from the magazine:

“Almost 30 years ago, long before “positive psychology” became a boom in the West, King Jigme, now 50, suggested that nations be measured by “gross national happiness”; the rich are not always happy, after all, while the happy generally consider themselves rich….King Jigme—who gave up absolute power in 1998 and last year sent every household in the land a new draft constitution that allowed for his impeachment—is setting a quietly revolutionary precedent. If most politicians are inherently suspect because they seem so eager to grab power and so reluctant to surrender it, what does one make of a leader who voluntarily gives up his position, as if placing his people’s needs before his own?”

Very interesting…

I’ve only read about 10 so far, we’ll see if anything else jumps out.


One Response to Monday…

  1. Kara says:

    Hey Tim, saw a documentary on that King in Bhutan. I’ve loved the idea of the GNH ever since…..once in a while, when I remember, I try to check out my familys GNH….not always easy to relinquish ‘my’ power but when given to God, my GNH improves…..–>

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