Darrell Links

Darrell Buchanan has a couple of good posts over the last few days. In one of those posts he talks about one by Patrick Mead called Call Me Isaac. I followed the link and really liked the article (more on that later perhaps) – I also read a bunch of other posts on the blog, good stuff well worth your time if you’re “surfing” today. The last few weeks he has been posting on parenting. Here’s what I think it a great quote from one of those entries “God is Smart… or… the “duh” factor… “:

“Covering it all were words from the Bible to show that God is smart. He decreed a way of life that included work, rest, play, joy, worship, and growth. His law also prohibited things that hurt us; things which He handily arranged into lists such as Proverbs 6 and Galatians 5 (things God hates, fruit of the flesh). For each item that God hated, we asked “why” and found out that God was smart — everything He prohibits is something that really, really hurts us. That’s the “duh” factor. God is smart, kids. Well, duh!”
That makes sense to me.


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