Spring has officially arrived, snow is melting. Walks in the chariot are very enjoyable, except for cleanup of Wyatt afterwards. Tara has one month of freedom left, then back to work. This will provide a bit of stress for the next month, especially worrying about kid care and how kid will adjust – likely better than his parents. Elijah is healthy and happy these days. Heather is getting ready to leave, just waiting for the ferry to start working and set her free from this barren land. We look forward to visitors throughout the summer. The Ashby kids are coming home in stages, it’s good to have Joel & Darla home and Brianne and Arlo will be back in a couple of weeks, that will be good. Lindsay came by for a visit last night. Ray & Ellen are joining us for July and we even have a house for them just down the road. There are rumours that Laura O may visit her eldest son – that would be good. Tennis is almost available – it will be nice to have Jeremy “I play like a williams sister” Olson around to give lessons… we may even try this weekend but will have to use a makeshift net.


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  1. carly says:

    Maybe if Laura goes to see Jeremy, Wilf will two…then there will be two “i like to play like the williams sisters” around…deadly.

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