A good read

I re-read Angels&Demons by Dan Brown over the last few days. I think I’ll tackle Davinci Code again next week if I can find a copy. I thought I’d read them again to get ready for the movie coming out May 19th. I’m excited for it. Ron Howard and Tom Hanks should be a good combination.
I found the novels to be very interesting, a very good (&fast) read. I the controversy surrounding the whole thing somewhat humourous.. I’m amazed at how many off shoots that have been written about Davinci Code. If Dan Brown had a penny for every “cracking the Davinci code book or article”…

There’s no doubt that Dan Brown includes some controversial stuff in his books, and perhaps that’s part of his genius – it’s likely made him a millionaire, but it seems strange to me that people get so excited over a novel. It’s a novel, as in fiction – as in made up out of his head… just because he has some facts in there about buildings, paintings or history does not change that. Perhaps if I was Catholic I would care more, but I doubt it. Dan Brown answers some questions about the controversy on his website here.


3 Responses to A good read

  1. xblairx says:

    and you can find..

    ‘breaking the da vinci code’
    ‘da vinci code-a response’
    ‘da vinci code-quest for answers’
    and my personal favorite…
    ‘cooking with da vinci’s code’

    all for a great low price at Blessings Christian Marketplace…

    p.s.-we have a million books on harry potter too.

  2. Cooking with Davinci code? That is funny…

  3. Stacey says:

    I’m with you. I thought both of them were just good fiction (did I say fiction loud enough!?). I guess it’s the same as the left behind series – not that they were necessarily hertical but that people made them to be a little more like truth than they were intended to be.

    I’m looking forward to the movie. I hope they don’t let us all down.

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