I AM: Tara’s husband, Elijah’s Father
I WANT: too much
I WISH: I could see grandma & pa young again
I HATE: not much
I LOVE: Elijah, Tara, family
I MISS: my nieces and nephews
I FEAR: serious injury to my kids
I HEAR: voices… just kidding
I WONDER: what Jesus really meant
I REGRET: arrogance
I AM NOT: extroverted
I DANCE: rarely, with my son.
I SING: often
I CRY: ugly
I WRITE: messy
I CONFUSE: my wife
I NEED: not as much
I SHOULD: cut my hair
Anyone else in the “I” sharing mood?


One Response to I…

  1. Kara says:

    I will share but I need something for my blog! hop on over.

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