More talk of eating together, Lord’s Supper

I found some good thoughts and ideas from this article that I ran across while trying to research how to do our communion times differently. I also found some stuff I didn’t agree with, and some stuff I thought was downright silly – but oh well. The opening paragraph describes something similar to what I would like to see happen in my church family during some of our Sunday gatherings:

The meal is potluck, or as we jokingly say, “pot-providence.” Everyone brings food to share with everyone else. When the weather is nice, all the food is placed on a long folding table outside. A chest full of ice sits beside the drink table. Kids run wildly around. They are having so much fun that they must be rounded up by parents and encouraged to eat. After a prayer of thanksgiving is offered, people line up, talking and laughing as they load their plates with food. In the middle of all the food sits a single loaf of bread next to a large container of the fruit of the vine. Each believer partakes of the bread and juice/wine while going through the serving line.

The smaller kids are encouraged to occupy one of the few places at a table to eat. (They sure can be messy!) Chairs for adults (there are not enough for everyone) are clustered in circles, mainly occupied by the women, who eat while discussing home schooling, child training, sewing, an upcoming church social, the new church we hope to start, etc. Most of the men stand to eat, balancing their plates on top of their cups, grouped into small clusters and solving the world’s problems or pondering some interesting topic of theology. The atmosphere is not unlike that of a wedding banquet. It is a great time of fellowship, encouragement, edification, friendship, caring, catching-up, praying, exhorting, and maturing. The reason for the event? In case you did not recognize it, this is the Lord’s Supper, New Testament style!


4 Responses to More talk of eating together, Lord’s Supper

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that is part of the story of the Table. The best book I’ve read on the topic is called “Come to Table” by John Mark Hicks.
    I’ll send you a couple files.

  2. Thanks Steve, that would be great. We will attempt our first “meal” in a few weeks I think. I ran into that book last night while I was searching the topic. What I’d really like is a book with ideas for implementing this – rather than talking about the theology behind it – I wasn’t sure which that book would be.

  3. Ed Slywka says:

    I think of this often:
    I have often thought that the bread and wine should be on the floor, so that people need to get on their knees to partake (that is a church word). Bowing down in a humble manner would do us good. We have done it at our Spark Service but haven’t yet tried it in our morning service. Some day! How about every one removes their shoes and socks when they come forward (in holy place in presence of God – same as Moses), how about pairing up with someone the breaking bread and feeding it to your brother/sister and vice versa.

  4. Good thoughts Ed, I think we’ll try to use them! All of them might provide some new life, but also add significance and a tiny bit of sacrifice to this thing we call “communion”.

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