Church Funnies

Continuing on the “divine Power To Rock My World” and other cheesy christian stuff.
I’m not sure why I find it so humorous to poke fun at our christianeesy culture, I guess it’s poking at myself as well I guess. Maybe makes me feel better “At least I’m not that bad”.

I found this picture really funny, especially because I didn’t have a clue who ACDC was until I went to a certain Christian boarding school and it was always played before hockey games in the dressing room, along with Quiet Riot, Metallica, and Gun’s & Roses of course. “she was a fast machine…” the rest of the words are better left unsaid, but the tunes are catchy – I still can hear just a few notes and instantly recognize them. I got this from this humorous “satire” website.

Andrew Jones also had a couple of really funny posts in the past while – just roll down a few posts on his page and see the ones called “Bible Prophecy Page Gets Humor” and “Emerjeans”.


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