50 Practical ways to be more friendly to the earth… practical stuff, lots of which wouldn’t be that hard – highlights for me included:

2. DITCH PLASTIC BAGS Made from polyethylene, plastic bags are not biodegradable and are making their way into our oceans and waterways.

11. GET A GREEN ROOF A green roof is more than simply a roof with plants growing on it. It functions like a “breathing wall,” consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emitting oxygen. visit greenroofs.com. (wouldn’t work for YK, but a cool idea, maybe for some of you BC people, how about you Kara?)

25. GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN To start a vegetable garden costs nothing but a few packs of seeds and rudimentary garden implements, and it saves enormous amounts of money, to say nothing of the food miles and the packaging that go into supplying you with fresh fruits and vegetables.

39. PLANT A TREE – part of my summer plans!

41. BAT BOXES Want to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your backyard? Then invest in a bat box. One bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes a night. visit batconservation.org/content/Bathouseimportance.html. That would be cool, I don’t know if we have bats in the NWT though. I also find bats kind of revolting – but not as revolting as I find the billion mosquitoes in my back yard.

47. GET AN ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER Surrender your gas lawn mower. Gasoline lawn mowers are among the dirtiest of modern machines. NEXT SUMMERS PLAN!

50. A GREEN ENDING Very few people actually know about the green alternatives to steel or hardwood coffins. For more information, visit fullcirclecare.org/endoflife/funeral.htm.


3 Responses to Environment

  1. Kara says:

    i can do #2 but Fiji loves its ‘Plastique’ (that’s what they call it and never add the word ‘bag’ it’s always and only ever ‘plastique’ ,
    #11 happens on its own and we call it moss or mould. but hard to grow on tin roof.
    #25 i can also do but as if I have the time and why take someones job?i go to the market for these.(and it’s always put into ‘plastique’
    #39. check. done enuf times that I’ve lost count
    #41 yes, we could also do this here but I think that Denny Crane(our cat) might think of them as chicken and I’m not interested in guana.(although there was a time when phosphates ruled the earth!) for mozzie control I just don’t go out, or wear alot of clothing.
    #47 sorry, WAY out of our budget, a lawnmower here can run about 800bucks. just a plain jane type too. We hire a guy with a big industrial weed-wacker (cost about 700 to buy new) and charges us 15 bucks to do our entire compound. I could actually get a few goats but again, not interested in guana.
    #50, always fancied a wooden one with perhaps a soft cottony cushion to rest on….weird, never thought of it, also thought I’d do a pyre….a modern one however. Here, they still just toss on their loved ones and light the fires and pray around the flames.

    good luck on your bats and electric lawnmover. Plant a tamarac or a birch for me if you get to it.

  2. Are there lots of mosquitoes in FIJI Kara? I don’t seem to remember them when we went to Honduras… every other kind of critter you can think of though… and it cracks me up to hear you say guana – is that a Fijiism or a Robinsonism? Good word either way.

  3. Kara says:

    Yes, Tim, tons of Mozzies. Depending on the season of coarse, but with lots of rain and tall grasses around they come out in droves. Often, that’s how the little boys end up with infections and boils as they go fishing in the ditch out front our compound and then scratch the bites they got with dirty ditch water (hmmm, sounds like a country tune) and voila, infection and/or boils set in…in addition to mozzies are these bugs called midges. I cannot see them, they are smaller than ‘no-see-ums’ but they feel like they swarm around the legs and you absolutely cannot see them. you just feel them. I know everytime I go out to hang laundry I will come in itching. Have you ever been stung by a red-ant? called fire-ants here. nasty monsters. always in the spot of the garden I choose to weed, it’s almost like they are everywhere!
    They seem to surface underneath our dog, Tigers poops, or guana as we have established. Now, you ask if it’s a familial thing or a sopac thing, might be both. It is fun to say, don’t you agree? I think Craig enjoys that word and without a doubt, Brad does. Redneck that he is;)

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