Easter Weekend

“my precious…”

Happy Easter Weekend. I decided to continue my personal tradition of exiting the easter hockey tournament early… my neck popped out during our first game and I’m out of commission for the weekend. I even called in sick Sunday and Monday – which means I get to stay home with the family for Easter. It’s great – other than the constant pain throughout my neck shoulder and back…

A great memory of my childhood is my Dad playing records of hymns on Sunday mornings – the only time I can remember music being played somewhat loudly in our residence actually… the only band I can remember is the Family Brown. I think that was the name. This morning we had to settle for MP3’s of these albums by Johnny Cash and Alan Jackson.

Sad news this morning – Auntie Harmony will not be getting in until tonight! Seems Canadian North had to cancel the morning flight… being the only baseball fanatic in our family she’ll be excited to see Elijah’s newest hobby – throwing things… and usually left handed – weird.


One Response to Easter Weekend

  1. it’s true. i bought 11 chocolate labs.

    but in reality, i have none. i put my birthday there as a hint to what i would like. but i’m not sure i’m in a position to have a dog right now.

    but i definitely was announcing that wyatt rules. did you catch that?

    i tried to email this to you, but it was returned to me. did you guys change your address again?

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