• Harmony is finally coming around to the truth about being the spoiled one of our family… she is also coming to Yellowknife for a few days this week!
  • Blair is blogging about Brokeback mountain, good writing on an interesting issue, I’m not sure if I agree with all of it, but good stuff nonetheless.
  • Ed is blogging. For most of my life the Slywka family have been the best of family friends to us McMillans. Seems like every time we are in Regina they invite us over for a great supper and visit. Ed is a great role model, a true shepherd, and I beat him in our hockey pool.
  • Carolyn is starting a coffee shop in Mexico City.
  • Kara’s adventure continues in Fiji, with her son Alec being a good citizen collecting garbage in his backpack, picking up beer bottle caps, and getting lots of needles without his parents permission – that makes him sound like a Fijian drug lord, not quite, but still a heck of an adventure.
  • Jason is an avid Rider fan… and likes Shaq too. I wonder what he thinks of the big trade this past week. How can it be good when we lose Corey Holmes? Should have given them Kenton Keith.
  • Heather hasn’t posted anything… is anyone surprised???

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