Mie liddle sister was quight the litle Spelling Queen Bea in her thime, I beleive she eevan made it on locul TV if I remembur correctlee. In recugnishion of hur gift… I bring yu “Wurds I Still Cannought Spell”.

– Ottowa (see hockey post before correction)
– Theirs (just doesn’t look right)
– recieve
– alright (or is all right? or alwright)
– desparate
– cemetary
– definately
– weird

Thiss post is also deducated to the grammer and spellingh phanatics in my life, Elis Kroggsgaurd, Rae(aka Dad) McMillian, and Aunt(aka Mrs. McMillian)Carolin. With just a bit more practice you may see me on this webpage.


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