For the hockey fans among us…

Points leaders 2003-04 NHL season:
1. Martin St. Louis 38G 56A 94P
2. Ilya Kovalchuk 41G 46A 87P
Joe Sakic 33G 54A 87P
4. Markus Naslund 35G 49A 84P
5. Marian Hossa 36G 46A 82P
6. Patrik Elias 38G 43A 81P
7. Daniel Alfredsson 32G 48A 80P
Cory Stillman 25G 55A 80P
9. Robert Lang 30G 49A 79P
Alex Tanguay 25G 54A 79P

Points leaders 2005-2006 NHL season (with a couple weeks left):
1 Jaromir Jagr, 53G 65A 118P
2 Joe Thornton, 28G 83A 111P
3 A. Ovechkin, 48G 51A 99P
4 Dany Heatley, 47G 49A 96P
Eric Staal, 44G 52A 96P
6 Ilya Kovalchuk51G 44A 95P
7 D. Alfredsson 41G 53A 94P
Marc Savard 28G 66A 94P
9 Sidney Crosby 36G 55A 91P
10 Pavel Datsyuk28G 59A 87P

I find it interesting how high the points are this year, powerplay must be a huge reason, the top three all have around 50 points on the powerplay. Martin St. Louis is stinking it up this year, only 55 points. The Calgary Flames may win it all this year, their highest scorer is Iginla at 61 points, ranked 61st. Toronto’s leader… Sundin of course, with 65 points – ranked around 54th. I think I’ll cheer for Ottawa… Spezza (85), Alfredsson (94), and Heatley (96).


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