– If you ever wanted insight into the good and bad of living in the tropics… go read Kara’s blog, she’s got the inside track. I’d go read it but I have to go visit Walmart…

– This weekend is the final days of the madness… here’s an interesting article about George Mason, the #11 seed that is in the final four – the writer talks to one of the guys who the movie “Hoosiers” was based on. Hoosiers is one of the best sports movies of all time of course… back in the day with those youngsters I coached at WCC I showed them Hoosiers in an effort to instill honour, pride and a sense of teamwork… I have no doubt that was a key factor in making Ken Sung the fine person that he is today… as CEO of IBM he will have a tremendous impact on the world… maybe not but it’s still a good movie.

The Homeless Guy: There is more to homeless people than being homeless.

The Last Days of Ralph Klein – it’s amazing how quickly people get discontented. Just yesterday I read in our paper how Alberta is the only province that people are moving into rather than leaving, I think it’s the only province without a deficit also??? I’d think you could give the guy a friendly exit, but people get tired of their leaders quickly in all organizations I guess.

My next Toyota will probably be a Hybrid or maybe this one. Doug, I found the one for you here.


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  1. Kara says:

    I hope when you went to wally world they were out of everything! you’re so vurry croo-ell! 😉 I’ll just go for a snorkel/swim/tan/beachcomb/kayak/gourmet meal now…..who am /i kidding? I have 3 kids now, I ain’t doin nuthin for awhile…nice to dream tho.–>

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