Two steps back… an Elijah update

Just thought I’d copy over a post I put on our family website – I’m sure Auntie Harmony won’t mind reading it twice!

Just want you all to know that Elijah started crawling last night… so far he only goes backwards… but we all have to start somewhere right? and it provided a great laugh for the adults in the room! (Elijah was quite proud of himself as well). Perhaps we need to visit cousin Aaden (or Aiden) and get some visual reinforcement of the right direction.

He is also weighing in at a wopping 18 pounds 14 ounces – which is the same as his friend Anna here in YK that is 3 months younger! His first swimming lesson was last Saturday – he has already surpassed his father in that life skill. Sleeping is quite nice these days (comparatively of course) except when he catches on that we’re trying to get rid of him for 12 hours straight and decides to kick and scream for the first hour…

Enjoying the journey (most of it!),


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