Uniform Rant

Perspective is a funny thing. My life looks very different because of my current employment. I never worried about the police much for most of my life. Growing up I never phoned 911 – I was deathly afraid of it, just like I was afraid of the police. I can remember almost no contact with policemen. I’m much more aware now of the life of a policeman/woman. I respect them so much. They take care of so many of the things I don’t want to deal with – they make my life comfortable and safe in so many ways that I don’t know. It’s the same for army/fire/ambulance – they deserve our respect.

Try something this week – if you see a person in uniform, try doing something to make them feel appreciated. Even try going out of your way. Take it from me, just about everyone that person deals with is rude to them and combative – politeness and respect will be appreciated. If you get stopped in your car this week, try being polite anyway – you probably deserve the ticket and if you don’t this time, you probably deserved it last week. If you’re a perfect driver… there’s a plank/eye/speck thing you need to read…

It’s so easy to be rude to authority figures, and I’m not saying I don’t struggle with this myself but I’m amazed at how many Christian friends of mine find a way to justify treating members of the police in ways they would never think to treat anyone else. Of course there are bad cops, on a power trip – they joined up for the power trip – blah blah blah – and it’s different at your job? – you think that’s a surprise or a brilliant thing to say? I work with some very frustrating people, but the majority are people with an incredible sense of morality, serving society and trying their best to make it better – and again – most of who they deal with and what they do – is stuff you would rather not think about and love to ignore until it barges into your neighbourhood then you dial 9-1-1.

Most of my friends who read this will be people who are trying their best to follow Jesus – if your travels take you near someone in uniform this week here’s my encouragment – do your best to act like HIM, and maybe even go out of your way to show some random kindness to the folks in blue… Rant over, now back to gentler, kinder postings…


2 Responses to Uniform Rant

  1. dave says:

    makes a lot of sense. i’ll keep it in mind for sure. thanks.

    i like the new look, too.

    i’ve started reading it but i’m not finished yet. blair’s still at blessings and he’s got like 3 other people on it now too. seems pretty awesome so far. i’ve got a bunch of flying to do this weekend so i should be able to take care of it then. thanks a lot for the suggestion.

  2. Dave – I read about half of the book last night – interesting stuff, sounds like quite the guy. Did you get my email? If not can you send me one at ykcofcatyahoo.ca – I’m trying to get in touch with your dad.

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