Looking for “IT”

– Carcassone: as in Knights of, anyone played the game?
– Catan: as in Settlers of, a great game I recently discovered.
– Clair Bee: classic sports novels I read over and over in my younger days. Some day I’d like to have the collection.
– Great Songs of the Church: old hymnals
– John Deere Toys – classic farm toys.
– Lincoln Logs
– Little House on the Prairie
– Logitech Wireless Music System
– Magnetix: cool magnet toys I bought Aiden one time, we both really liked them.
– Meccano
– NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005
– Rail Baron: one of the best board games ever?
– Sacred Selections: more old hymnals
– Snowblower: I’m thinking someone in Calgary should be selling…
– Tinker Toys
– Toyota pickup


2 Responses to Looking for “IT”

  1. Gibbs says:

    Hey Tim…I’ll most likely be in YK this summer leading the Youth Alive team from ABC sometime in August…I’ll bring my Settlers and we’ll have to play a game or two. This probably my favorite board game.

  2. TL says:

    Tim, you may be in luck. Stewy has 4 “Great songs of the church” old hymnals…and he’d share one with you if you’re interested. You may need to remind him of the offer though. 🙂
    Hope you guys are doing well. Hello to the little sweety from us!

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