Walk The Line

Heather bought Walk the Line – the Johnny Cash/June Carter story for those that don’t know, and I really enjoyed it. Some reflections include:
– wow thems some talented people that Reesees Weatherspoon and Jokin Pheenix.
– Johnny Cash was huge! I read some more about him (Wikipedia) after the movie and couldn’t believe how long and big/wide his career was.
– Running After Father: the biggest reason this movie hit me hard. Someone needs to write a book with this title then give me some of the profit because I thought of it. It was very enlightening to watch how Johnny spent his life trying to get his father’s attention and approval. I could relate – my Dad who gave me lots of approval, but there’s still something deep deep down that says “Hey Dad look at me!” Perhaps there’s something way down deep in all of us? It’s already started for my son – amazing, scary stuff.


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