Thoughts on Church Scheduling

Jordon Cooper isn’t only good for Simpson’s links… he’s been blogging about church scheduling lately and brings up some good thoughts on how scheduling in society has changed over the last 20 years or so and how scheduling in churches have stayed pretty much the same.

As a church employee a few years ago sometimes I used to think… “geez I wish these people would really commit to Jesus and start coming to all our church activities” – of course there are lots of things wrong with that statement I guess.

As a shift worker for the last 2 years I see things a bit differently. I do have a choice what job I have I guess, but I do not have a choice whether I work weekends or not in this job, so I should just find work that fits the churches schedule????

The fact is that church activities are really designed for people who work a regular 9-5 Monday to Friday job, and the fact is less and less people have jobs with that schedule. The weekend is no longer sacred. Some friends of ours who live in Weyburn Sask. were telling us about a bylaw the town had in place that closed all the rinks, schools etc. on Sunday morning. I thought that was pretty cool, but the city was discussing changing that law – and Weyburn’s the only place I’ve heard of like that. In YK the rinks get going about 0500 on Sunday morning and go until midnight. 20 years ago nothing was open on Sunday – now almost everything is. Of course we enjoy being able to go out for lunch after church, but don’t always consider what that means for our waiter’s church attendance. As Cooper says – even small groups during the week can be difficult, since as shift workers our days off always rotate week to week. We’ve been lucky to have friends schedule around us a bit, but it’s always a bit tricky to keep things organized and consistent.

You could likely argue that Jesus should never have been “scheduled into” a few hours on Sunday – but I’ll leave that for another day. I’m not sure the solution to the whole thing, people will always be busy and have to make choices… but perhaps admitting that things could change a bit would be a start. Some of us in YK are at least at that step, but whether we’ll be able to make some positive changes remains to be seen.


3 Responses to Thoughts on Church Scheduling

  1. dave says:

    sounds like you really need to be a lot more committed to church.

    priorities, my good man.

    just kidding, send jeremy back.

  2. The YKHerd says:

    hey Tim, You bring up a great point and I had already read Jordan’s post. But for those in YK you have teh opportunity to be really creative in how you plan mid week and even weekend small groups. You have a large amount of the population who not only work weekends, but you have parents who have very active children (so does that mean having Bible Study start a little later?), but you also have a lot of people who work at the various mine sites. Some work a 4 day in/ 3 day out which means their spouses and themselves are only available for weekend studies. There are also those who work a 2week in/2 week out rotation and that makes it difficult for them to join a once weekly study since they are only in town half the time.
    We are facing that with Trevor’s new job in Sask so I am just beginning to think of how our “church” life will change with that new schedule.
    Just a coin to toss out there.

  3. Kara says:

    Tim, aye aye! I worked shift and weekends for my entire career and it makes it difficult to be a “planner” of anything. You cannot easily join in on things and when you do, you feel a bit of an interloper! However, there’s the sharpening of the sword thing going on there a bit too as people with shifts during ‘formal’ worship hours have to try different things or make different efforts than our non-schedually-challenged friends and family. If you figure out how to get everyone back to the church for the schedually challeged, let me know!
    plus, we wold need it to be HERE…not THERE. +33c….need I say more? (miss you guys. K)

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