A Great Canadian Tradition

Ahh… spring must almost be here. Maybe this is my year… although I’m 0/7 so far this week!

Tips On Rolling The Rim!
Here are several methods our customers use to roll up the rim:
• Use your hands to hold the cup firmly and use both thumbs to roll the tab up.
• Hold the cup with your dominant or writing hand and use the other hand to roll or vice versa.
• With both hands on the rim, pull on the sides of the cup and roll the rim with both thumbs.

Quick Facts
• For 20 years Tim Hortons customers have been rrrrolling up the rrrrim.
• Since 2001, Tim Hortons has given away 150 vehicles in the Roll Up The Rim To Win promotion.
• In 2005 all 30 vehicles were redeemed, showing how many customers roll up the rim.
• The yellow arrow on the cup was first introduced to show customers where to roll up the rim. Nowwe have come to expect it, so follow the arrow to your winning rim!
• When you win a vehicle, you own it in Roll Up the Rim to Win. The vehicle is not leased and is yours to keep.
• The first Tim Hortons store opened in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
• The first Tim Hortons store in the United States opened in 1985 in Amherst, New York.
• There are currently over 290 stores in the United States located in the following states: Michigan, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York.


3 Responses to A Great Canadian Tradition

  1. b says:

    Hey Tim, nice.
    I love the rrrroll too. But I’m only 0 for 2.
    We live in the land of at least 10 Starbucks to one Tim’s (or as Todd says, Timmy-Ho’s) and no drive thrus nearby, so we spend the Bucks (in more ways than one) more often than we should. 🙂
    Best of luck on the rrrolling.

  2. The YKHerd says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. The YKHerd says:

    Hey Tim, If you like rrrolling and are interested in what your chances are to win check out Marc…http://theeagleandchild.com/default.cfm?EK=C2173894-B0D0-78C0-1F4862B24CF26D07

    He has definitely done his homework–>

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