Many of you savvy computer types will think this is old news, but I wanted to put a little ad out there for a service I’ve found useful over the last few months. It’s called bloglines – and basically it keeps track of new items on all the blogs I read. So instead of checking Heather’s blog every day for new items… I just check my bloglines and every few months it tells me she has posted something new. You can even download a notifier that beeps and tells you when something new comes up. It’s not completely userfriendly/for dummies type stuff to get set up, but once you figure it out… it’s very simple to work and saves a lot of time. I’d imagine lots of people who read this blog are like me – checking out upwards to 30 blogs every day – this cuts all of them down to one page. There are of course other options for this kind of service, this is just the one I ran across and have found useful.

Oh ya – for you “cheap!?”/Scottish/Stewardly/good with your money types (pick the description that feels best:)it’s FREE!


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