Dog Park Comparisons

Well, this post may seem meaningless to some, but hey – it is Wyatt’s Blog! Wyatt has journeyed throughout western Canada and is now ready to evaluate each city from the view point of a dog:
– Regina: 1 off leash dog park. It was fun because there was lots of dogs to play with, but boring for my owner because it was just an open field with a fence around it. I hate to say it about my owner’s home town, but let’s get with the times people! SCORE: 1/5

– Calgary: approx. 60 dog parks – we only tried out one – off of Deerfoot on Southland Drive. Excellent park! Lots of dogs to play with as well as good trails and beautiful scenery. My favorite was the two Irish Wolfhounds friends I found, they were about twice as tall as me and 3 times as heavy, but we had lots of fun together. SCORE: 4/5

– Red Deer: 1 Off Leash Dog Park, at Three Mile Bend – but it is the best we’ve found so far… lots of room, lots of trails, and lots of friendly dogs. In the summer we could even watch the Freestyle ski people practice. SCORE: 5/5

When can we go again?

Owner note: it is interesting what you can tell about a city from their parks & trails systems… I never really noticed before, but some cities just put more into this kind of thing.


2 Responses to Dog Park Comparisons

  1. Harmony says:

    Yeah but cmon’ Wyatt. Regina has the longest bridge over the shortest span of water. So…there. Plus, we have the Riders!!!

  2. HMcM says:

    You and your dog!!!

    I must admit….I miss you both.:)

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