Down Highway 1

Well, Wyatt, Tim & Andrew Peterson were once again on the road. We also included C.S. Lewis and a reading of the first few chapters of “Mere Christianity” thanks to Blair at Blessings. A good trip all around, except that I was tired so I ate anything and everything to stay awake all day, not only unhealthy, but some bad side effects as well. Tara & Elijah flew Westjet for a few bucks – about $25 I think- thanks to Auntie Nicole and met us in Calgary. We are enjoying being with Steve, Rebecca and the 3 here. We’ll likely stick around for a few days then head to Red Deer.

Last weekend was filled with a whirlwind tour to Manitoba. We had great short visits with Muriel & Gerry, Aunt Laurie, Aunt Thelma, Grandma McCutcheon, Brian & Charla, and Stewart. Taralee was off visiting her grandmother who was sick so we didn’t get to see her, that was completely understandable, but also completely disappointing since Elijah really was looking forward to seeing her.

We had a good couple of weeks in Regina – we enjoy being with Harmony so much and we have so many other good connections there.


One Response to Down Highway 1

  1. TL says:

    I was really disappointed to miss you guys as well. I was looking forward to some great Elijah time but also glad to have the opportunity to see my grandma again. Thank you so much for stopping in to see us (S2) and I’ll make a date with Elijah (the cutie) for next time!
    Have a great time in Calgary!

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