Action packed days

Well what a busy week/10 days it’s been…

  • KM’s added to the Toyota: 3100 so far.
  • Places visited: YK-Calgary, Red Deer, Kennedy, Kenosee, The Old Farm (now Husband’s), Weyburn, Kennedy again, Regina (a few times).
  • Hospitality granted from: Laliberte, McMillan (Calgary), McMillan (Regina), Husband, Peterson families.
  • Highlights: Ray Day in Calgary with immediate family, New Year’s day with McMillan family, time with Regina friends, time with Petersons/Jacobs in Weyburn, lunch with Uncle Dave & Aunt Heather, supper with G&G in Kennedy, life with Harmony.
  • Looking forward to: a week not driving to far from this house!, visits to Kennedy for a few days next week, travels to visit Manitoba family and friends next weekend, and another 6.5 weeks off!

2 Responses to Action packed days

  1. May Thiessen says:

    You know, people say that when you live in YK, you don’t do as much driving as people who live down south. I think we just cram the same driving they do in an entire year into a shorter time period.

  2. wyatt says:

    my name is Wyatt. I live in Pennsylvania–>

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