More Tommy Douglas from Wikipedia

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced Wikipedia you need to check it out. Web savvy, cool somewhat geeky types reading this bear with me, but for the rest of us, basically it’s an online Encyclopedia that’s completely free to access… and here’s the crazy part – anyone can edit it – what a great concept.

Anyway – if you want to know more about Tommy Douglas, Wikipedia has a great summary here. I also spent some time reading on the Freemasons this afternoon, a group which, by the way, Tommy was a member of. Very interesting.

I have this book on the way to tell me a few more things about the guy – a steal of a deal from Ebay.


3 Responses to More Tommy Douglas from Wikipedia

  1. Anonymous says:

    are the freemasons like the stonecutters?

  2. We have a Simpsons expert in our midst… who says the show doesn’t teach valuable things? I’m sorry to say I haven’t seen the episode, I’ll have to ask Joel Ashby for a play by play at xmas time… WIKIPEDIA also has a good summary of the stonecutters by the way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you havent seen the stonecutters episode? too bad. quite full of educational information and deep underlying messages. joel would be quite well suited to give you the play by play, i am sure.

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