Classic Christian Rock

Well I was surfing by the blog of Andrew Jones ( I don’t know how to add links when I’m emailing to the blog) and noticed that PETRA( is retiring. Good memories…

I was introduced to Christian Rock & Roll by my brother Billy in the early 80’s. On a side note, I was introduced to Twisted Sister by my other brother Steve – also in the early 80’s… but that is truly a different story.

Let’s just tell a couple of Classic Christian Rock stories for Billy’s sake…

– Steve Taylor: Lifeboat: Billy played this song to our VBS class at Horse Creek in the old yellow K car station wagon – he & I went to the air show in Moose Jaw on the way home I think, then got hit by a Trans Am or Firebird or something… funny enough, but that song and it’s message had a big impact on my thinking for years.

– Allies – Bob Carlilse was the lead singer! is that the same guy who sang Butterfly Kisses? Must be – the voice is too unique. Billy & Steve (memory is a bit fuzzy) took me to an Allies concert for my birthday I think, about age 12, maybe my first rock concert – classic!

Other classic bands/artists:
– Carman:the champion, this blood, cheezy keyboard music
– Degarmo & Key
– First Call
– Idle Cure
– Kenny Marks
– David Meece
– Leon Patillo
– Sandy Patty – I’d like to firmly declare that I never did listen to her – she gets honorable mention just because my friend Mark Switzer has been to her concert…
– Stryper – black and yellow and beautiful.
– Russ Taff
– White Heart – almost bigger than Petra!

Anyone else?


One Response to Classic Christian Rock

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tim,
    Long time since i chatted with you. I still thank you for introducing Haleigh to Christian Rock etc. She had a big thrill of going to YC Sask this year and loved the bands that played. Thanks again.

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