Pet Peeve Solved

I am very pleased to announce that I may have solved one of my life annoyances! This is huge. Anyone else get really ticked off at their windshield wiper blades in the winter? Enter my favorite store to solve your problem… Canadian Tire of course. I’ve tried everything – these are the best so far. Right now I have a normal blade on the passenger side and REFLEX on the driver side – the difference is incredible.
BUY THEM NOW and save yourself years of stress!


4 Responses to Pet Peeve Solved

  1. May says:

    Actually, Lloyd just put them on our van last week. I have to agree – they’re great.

  2. The YKHerd says:

    Hey we just bought a set for the expedition before heading to Youth Explosion in Hay River. Trev said they were awesome. Can’t wait to see how well they last in frozen Ice at 40 below. If only the had the proper size for the back window, we would be set.

  3. chelsey says:

    i’m glad canadian tire has helped you out once again, and that your pet peeve is solved. keep driving slow! -chelsey

  4. Maggie'sMama says:

    This is a HUGE issue that drives Andrew nuts, so guess what’ll be peeking out of his stockig! Thanks for the recommendation.

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