Greetings from the warm places

Well hello from Sunny California. Actually we haven’t seen the sun yet here – but it’s warm enough right now at 1 AM that it could be sunny out… feels pretty nice – although the plane ride from Phoenix was quite hot and sweaty. Elijah cried on the way down into Fresno, but other than than that he was great.

We had a great weekend in Calgary. It was SO good to see the family there. I enjoy my nieces and nephews a ton. We spent a few days at each brother’s house – and had lots of fun with both families. We also got everyone together for the family Christmas draw last night – even had Auntie Heather & Harmony on webcam and telephone. Heather was on speaker phone, but it wasn’t loud enough for her to make the impact she wanted to me thinks… lots of fun – I already know most of who is buying for who of course…

We’ll spend the week here with P&C – they are just a short 5 weeks from due date for Laliberte cousin #1 – very exciting to see them excited about that.


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