Holidays so far…

– I always miss my dog when I go away from home… and wonder how the dogsitter will perform/behave… see Auntie’s Heather’s post about this here.
– No eye surgery for me – Dr. Gimbel says he doesn’t have the technology to fix mostly blind eyes like mine.

– Time with Grandparents Laliberte and Aunt Nicole.
Olive Garden… that’s good stuff – and good company when Uncle Bill & Aunt Ingrid can join us.
– Supper tonight at good friends Trevor & Anita who left YK about 2 years ago. We were reminded tonight just how much we are missing not having them around…

An Evening With Shane & Shane – sweet sounds, great guitar.
Rita Springer’s Latest – what a voice! Love the seeking in her lyrics.
Old Navy: a bad place for my bank account.


2 Responses to Holidays so far…

  1. HMcM says:

    That sucks about your eyes – give it a couple years and maybe they’ll have the technology.

    You’ll be happy to know that your dog is still alive. Maybe bored, but alive.

    I miss Elijah…and you and Tara too:)Glad to hear you’re having a good time. I’m jealous. Give extra hugs and kisses to the nieces and nephews in Calgary.

    Aunty Heather

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hey guys – hope you are having fun and that Elijah is sleeping good away from home (he is probably too young yet to care, but my kids aren’t very good sleepers away from home and it can take a toll on a trip). I have never been to Yellowknife but I am inferring from your blogpost that you miss out on some of the comforts many enjoy – like Old Navy, good restaraunts, etc.. – just like us being here in Mexico! I can relate!! Take care,

    Love, Care

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