Family Happenings

A bit of an update. We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Much good food with good friends – much to be grateful for. Auntie Heather spent a bit of time worrying about Mom & Dad in India when we heard there was an earthquake in the area – but we are all thankful they are safe. I would hate to see the mountain top town of Aizawl in the middle of an earthquake – “building code” is a different world over there.

Elijah continues to grow and be a good baby – rolling over from stomach to back is a somewhat regular occurrence causing loud exclamations and celebration around the house…

We are enjoying meeting weekly with a good group of friends to discuss some Bible things, pray a bit, and share life… good discussion about the kingdom last night.

Holidays are coming soon – I’m very excited to spend some time in Red Deer and Calgary where some very neat nephews & nieces live – it has been a long while since we’ve seen them it seems – and it will be the first meeting of Mareesa – the youngest of our family! We’re also lucky enough to have a few days in sunny California planned with Paul & Cherrish – this will also be very nice – I’m committed to not living for the weather – but a little bit of +20… this I can handle for a few days. Now just to make it through 31 hours and 53 minutes more of work before we leave…


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