Sick & Tired

Our house has come down with a cold, along with most of Yellowknife it seems… everyone except for Auntie Heather has been struck.  I don’t like Elijah being sick – not at all – I feel completely helpless.  I’m not handling it well at all, especially since I was the first with a cold so I gave it to him, and it’s only a cold!  Actually he’s not even sniffling yet, just kind of having trouble breathing and coughing.  We are blessed to have good friends like Joann who can give us health advice, and we see Dr. Farrell soon also, so it should be okay, but just one more new experience in the brutal way being a parent just forces you to trust…  jeesh it’s only been 7 weeks!
I have to mention – a cold breaks my heart, but makes me feel foolish at the same time, one of my brothers heart is scarred by losing a child, the other rejoices with a healthy daughter, but journeyed with her through years fighting cancer.
A glimpse for me tonight:
– my puny understanding, tiny faith
– God’s “out there-ness”, power, plan
– my brothers and sister-in-law’s (B&D, S&R) strength of character

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